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Things You Ought To Know When Considering Laser Hair Removal


Although laser hair removal therapy may still be considered relatively new, undoubtedly its popularity is spreading like wildfire among Australians who would like to eliminate hair from their bodies permanently. The process of laser hair removal makes use of an intense beam that targets individual hair follicles and destroys them. The precision of the laser ensures that surrounding skin cells and tissue do not become affected in the process. However, going in for laser hair removal is not merely about getting one session done and not having to deal with any regrowth. Read on to learn some of the things that you ought to know if you are considering this form of fair hair removal therapy.

Blonde hair removal requires special laser therapy

One aspect of laser hair removal that people may not be aware of is that blonde hair would need specialised treatment. The heat that is emitted by conventional laser hair removal gravitates to the pigment that is present in darker hair. Thus, fair hair removal was not entirely possible during the inception of laser hair removal. However, with technological advancements, there are now lasers with higher intensities that can work on blonde hair. These specialised lasers are capable of creating an illusion of deeper pigmentation in the blonde strands, which allows the treatment to target these hairs. The new lasers are efficient enough to target both grey and white hairs too!

Your body has two different types of hair

Another aspect of hair removal that you may not know about is that your body comprises two different kinds of hair. These categories of hair are terminal hair strands and vellus hair strands. The vellus variety of hair is the short and fine hair that is all over your body except for your feet and palms. Terminal hair, on the other hand, comprises thicker and coarser hair strands. Laser hair removal is designed to target terminal hair, which is what is present on your underarms, your legs and your pubic area.

You need multiple laser hair removal treatments

If your primary goal is permanent hair removal, then you would have to undergo several cycles of the laser therapy. The main reason for this is your hair grows in different cycles. Therefore, you would need multiple treatments to ensure that the follicles are destroyed permanently. However, the frequency of the laser hair removal cycles would vary from one individual to the next. Moreover, the number of treatments you have to undergo would also depend on your type of hair and its rate of regrowth.


24 September 2017