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3 Nail Art Cheat Products For A Professional Looking Home Manicure

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These days, simply applying a basic, single nail colour to your fingernails has been almost completely replaced by an ever-growing trend of nail art. Nail art can be simple or highly elaborate and is a great way to give your hands some pizzazz and express yourself creatively. Unfortunately, applying nail art can be very difficult due to the small surface area that you have to work with. It can also be next to impossible to do your own nail art, particularly on your right hand if you're right-handed or on the left if you're left-handed.

However, it is possible to create awesome, colourful and fashionable nail art on your own fingernails with the right nail products to help you. Here are three easy nail art cheats that will transform your hands into works of art.

1. Nail stickers

There is a growing range of stunning nail stickers available from online nail supply stores. These small, detailed stickers are simply peeled off and stuck directly onto your nail to create a beautiful and unique look. They can be applied directly onto your bare nail or over the top of a nail varnish of your choice. To keep the sticker in place, use a clear top coat to seal it to your nail.

2. Nail stencils

Small nail stencils allow you to create striking designs using a mix of different nail polish colours. They can be as simple as crescent shapes for a modern French manicure or a stencil to allow you to create professional looking straight lines between colours. More elaborate stencils allow you to add floral or geometric designs to your nails with no artistic skill required.

3. Nail stamps

Nail stamps are small, laser cut plates that generally contain a number of different designs on each plate. To apply the stamp to your nail, you simply fill in the design with a polish of your choice then use a specially designed stamping tool to transfer the design onto the nail. The stamping tool also has a small scraping feature which allows you to quickly and easily remove the stamp if you have placed it in the wrong position.

There's no need to spend a small fortune having your nail art done at an expensive salon. With these three clever techniques, you can create nail art that will look professional, unique and absolutely beautiful from the comfort of your own home.


3 October 2017