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So Your Baby Has Eczema: Why It Happens And What To Do About It

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It is never fun to see a young child in distress, and baby eczema certainly causes plenty of tears. The red, itchy welts that have appeared on your child out of nowhere are distressing to both you and him. However, there are plenty of ways to fight back against eczema and to clear up the skin irritation. Once you discover what causes the problem, then you can get rid of it permanently.

12 October 2017

3 Nail Art Cheat Products For A Professional Looking Home Manicure

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These days, simply applying a basic, single nail colour to your fingernails has been almost completely replaced by an ever-growing trend of nail art. Nail art can be simple or highly elaborate and is a great way to give your hands some pizzazz and express yourself creatively. Unfortunately, applying nail art can be very difficult due to the small surface area that you have to work with. It can also be next to impossible to do your own nail art, particularly on your right hand if you're right-handed or on the left if you're left-handed.

3 October 2017

Things You Ought To Know When Considering Laser Hair Removal


Although laser hair removal therapy may still be considered relatively new, undoubtedly its popularity is spreading like wildfire among Australians who would like to eliminate hair from their bodies permanently. The process of laser hair removal makes use of an intense beam that targets individual hair follicles and destroys them. The precision of the laser ensures that surrounding skin cells and tissue do not become affected in the process. However, going in for laser hair removal is not merely about getting one session done and not having to deal with any regrowth.

24 September 2017

Beauty School Dropout: How to Avoid That Fate

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You may be familiar with the song lyrics 'Beauty school dropout. No graduation date for you'. That comes from the popular musical Grease starring Australia's own Olivia Newton John. It's a fun song, but if you're thinking about beauty school, you may be worried that those lyrics may come true. Don't worry. There are lots of steps you can take to ensure that you never become a beauty school drop out.

18 August 2017